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Nevada County McCourtney Road Transfer Station Improvements

By: Nevada County Department of Sanitation
Published: Nov 3, 2007 at 08:55
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The Nevada County Department of Sanitation is pleased to inform the community about progress made on several improvement projects at the McCourtney Road Landfill and Transfer Station.

Landfill Cap Repair: Currently work is being conducted on the closed landfill cap to repair a tear in the liner. This work should be complete by November 10th.

Public Receiving Area Floor: Work will commence in January to repair the Public Receiving Area (PRA) floor. The Department anticipates this work will be completed in February. More details will be forthcoming as the date approaches.

Leachate Tank Installation: In August 2008 the County plans to install a tank to hold the leachate generated by the closed landfill. Currently, the leachate is collected in an open pond. Implementation of a tank collection system will ultimately save the County money as the open pond not only collects leachate, but rain water as well. With the leachate tank system in place, the amount of leachate needed to be transported and treated will be reduced by fifty percent.

New Transfer Station Guide and Map: A new map guiding customers through the system at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station is being distributed. The map delineates all of the recycling and disposal stations. The guide emphasizes how to best navigate through the system to maximize recycling and save customers time and money in doing so. This map is also available at the Nevada County Government Center at 950 Maidu Avenue, Nevada City, CA upstairs in the Department of Sanitation. As always, for more information concerning recycling log on to http://www.nevadacountyrecycles.com or call the hotline at 265-1768.

Christmas tree Recycling: As usual this year there will be plenty of opportunities to recycle Christmas trees throughout the County. Please stay tuned for the specific locations and dates for additional drop off opportunities.

Maximum Enforcement of Covered Loads: Beginning January 1, 2008, a program of maximum enforcement of the Covered Load ordinance and State law begins. Residents need to have their loads completely secured or they will face State fines of $1,000 and County fines of $100 to $500. By utilizing a tarp to cover the load or bagging the rubbish will suffice as compliance with the law. The County has been providing handouts to all MRTS customers with the following reminder: "Tarp it, tie it, or face a hefty fine."

Maximum Enforcement of Speed Limits: In cooperation with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), maximum enforcement of the speed limits on McCourtney Road has begun. In response to residents' complaints the County has requested the CHP and the Nevada County Sheriff's Office to step up patrols in the area. Handouts have been distributed to MRTS customers with the following reminder "cover your load and drive within the speed limit."


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