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Marcie Wheeler: When it comes to surveillance and the treatment of classified information, President Bush is making up the rules as he goes along
Full story: The Guardian UK

Paul Krugman: Forget about Bush - and the middle ground
Full story: Slate.com

Bill Boyarsky: The Iowa Caucus Con
Full story: TruthDig.com

Timothy Garton Ash: Could you vote for a man who abides by Moronish wisdom?
Full story: The Guardian UK

New York Times: State Without Pity: Texas
Full story: New York Times

Carl Luna: In today's world the Potters are beating the Baileys, hands down
Full story: Political Lunacy

David Ignatius: Wisdom From The Founding Rationalists: What Jefferson and Adams Might Tell Mitt Romney
Full story: Washington Post

Catherine Deveny: If you get divorced after 20 years together, that is not a "failed" marriage
Full story: The Age Australia

Peter Schrag: The GOP's agenda for 2008: It's the illegals, stupid
Full story: Sacramento Bee

Greg Mitchell: The disturbing number of suicides among our troops in Iraq
Full story: Editor and Publisher

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Federal Spending: Sex without the ed
Full story: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Cath Elliot: The suffering of women at the hands of men continued unabated in 2007, negating any progress toward equality
Full story: The Guardian UK

Amy Alkon: Think about it: There's a reason no one installed a phone booth right at table five.
Full story: L.A. Times

Arianna Huffington: The Imperial Presidency: the '08 Candidates Weigh In
Full story: Huffington Post

Tom Purcell: Cable News Covers the Birth of Christ
Dec 25, 2007

Cable News Anchor: We now bring you the latest cable news update on the birth of Jesus Christ. Joining us is our regular panel of experts. Correspondent Peter Jones is standing by in Bethlehem. Peter?

Peter: What we know is that a carpenter named Joseph and his virgin wife, Mary, left Nazareth to travel to Bethlehem. They went to pay a tax decreed by Caesar Augustus. When they arrived in Bethlehem, there was no room at the inn, even though Mary was with child.


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Norman Solomon: Channeling Suze Orman

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E/The Environmental Magazine | EarthTalk: Why Isn't Recycling Mandatory?

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Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon:Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2007


Marcie Wheeler: When it comes to surveillance and the treatment of classified information, President Bush is making up the rules as he goes along

Paul Krugman: Forget about Bush - and the middle ground

Bill Boyarsky: The Iowa Caucus Con

Timothy Garton Ash: Could you vote for a man who abides by Moronish wisdom?

New York Times: State Without Pity: Texas

Carl Luna: In today's world the Potters are beating the Baileys, hands down


Housewives are more ecologically aware and recycle more than university students

Subliminal messages can influence us in surprising ways - Exposure to national flag brings political moderation

Brain Imaging And Genetic Studies Link Thinking Patterns To Addiction

Poor Americans in the United States suffer hidden burden of parasitic and other neglected diseases

Photo-monitoring whale sharks

1 person out of every 1,000 has synaesthesia, in which an individual can smell a sound


Watch Out for Holiday E-Mails Warns UAB's Computer Forensics Researchers

University President Ranks America's Most Literate Cities

EarthCam Announces Ninth Annual '25 Most Interesting Webcams' for 2007

AFI AWARDS 2007 Moments of Significance Announced

Parade.com's Year-End Pop-Culture Poll Reveals: Americans Most Want to be Stranded on an Island With Stephen Colbert and Other Useless Gossip

Health Coverage Improves Health and Reduces Major Heart Complications


Odd News
Top Ten Reasons to Be an Elected Official in 2008

Nin the cat retiring from duty as trusty mascot on top of Mount Washington Observatory, home of the world's worst weather

Iowa man spends Christmas Eve stuck upside-down in opening of septic tank

Door levers are making doorknobs deader than a doorknob

New Zealand student who sends up to 100 text messages a day diagnosed with the country's first case of 'text thumb'

California guy who has turned his home into The Center for Bigfoot Studies thinks 100,000 of the hairy beasts are roaming North America


Candidates Exchange

The Fruitcake Uses

Early primaries

Leftover Leftover Leftovers

Christmas 07

Surge Working


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